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Providing quality dental care that’s accessible, advanced, and affordable to accurately address oral health needs is a primary objective we proudly provide each KordonDent patient. That’s why prevention is a cornerstone of our practice. Through early detection and comprehensive diagnostics we can address concerns, devise a treatment plan, and concentrate on improving your oral health today for improved overall health well into the future.

Comprehensive Exams

By performing routine comprehensive exams every six months, we’re able to monitor your oral health to detect problems in development. Early detection allows us to address your needs before major complications occur and provides the opportunity to create a more cost-effective plan. Comprehensive dental exams include oral cancer screenings, professional cleanings, and a thorough assessment by the dentist.


The key to a maintaining healthy teeth is proper oral hygiene. A professional cleaning by our skilled hygienists is recommended every six months. We use Piezo, a cutting-edge technology designed to reduce the need for hand scaling. This advanced cleaning system utilizes ultrasonic waves and water to rid teeth and gums of disease-causing bacteria, plaque, and tartar for a deep clean you can feel.

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